The reason for this website, indeed the reason for Jude 3 Fellowship and the book, Fatal Drift…Is The Church Losing It’s Anchor? is to draw attention to  the fact that there have been tectonic shifts beneath our feet for quite some time, and changes once thought to be unimaginable are occurring at breakneck speed. Not all of these changes are good.

A male Brigadier General at a Pride (Gay Pride) celebration hosted recently by the Pentagon, uses the occasion to introduce his ‘husband’….who is also in the military… as the Secretary of Defense looks on. Recently a major Oregon newspaper carried a piece in which the activists actually bemoaned the fact that they were so successful pushing the gay rights narrative, that they are wondering what is next..It appears the the “Trans” movement is going to be getting a lot of air time in the near future.
One writer opined,

“American conservatives are by and large clueless about propaganda methods and tactics. And it shows.
Meanwhile, the Left has been employing social psychology and depth psychology on the masses for decades. President Obama’s campaign staff was filled with social psychologists
The Great Unraveling continues at a rapid clip when slipping on a pronoun in these days of transgender rule could cost you your career or earn you massive social media rallies chanting “hater” at you.
A woman gets banned by her gym and labelled a bigot because she told management that a man—who she only later learned “identified as female”—entered the locker room while she was getting undressed
When it comes to understanding the inner workings of social psychology and political correctness, we seem to be at a loss.
That’s from “The Rape of the Mind: The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing” (1956). There is indeed a war on the private mind, as Kevin Williamson explained in a recent National Review column. Unfortunately, too many Americans have been sleeping through most of its propaganda
Meanwhile, the power elites who now control the media, academia, and Hollywood seem to understand social psychology well enough to exploit it on a massive scale. They have engaged in psychological warfare against the private mind by inducing “collective belief formation.” There’s really nothing new here. Conditioning and nudging the masses into ‘group think’ is a very old trick of all wannabe dictators. The bloody twentieth century is filled to the gills with examples.”
Stella Morabito How to Escape The Age of Mass Delusion.

I camped out on the phrase, ‘too many Americans have been sleeping through most of its propaganda…’ I recommend you read While Europe Slept. It is a sobering, well documented account of how the Muslims have taken control in parts of Europe to such an extent that there has even been an insistence of Sharia Law! How did we get here?

The creation of normalcy in our society can take one of two shapes. It can be the of the result of scientific, psycho-sociological analysis based on statistics – that is, the American type of normalcy. It can also be ideological and doctrinaire – that is, the Communist type. But the results are identical: such normalcy necessarily gives rise to propaganda that can reduce the individual to the pattern most useful to society.
Jacques Elul, Propaganda…The Formation of Men’s Attitudes Vintage Books, 1973

Just recently a leader of the NAACP was fired for not being ‘C’, which is to say that she lied about being black and rose through the ranks of community organizers… even  landing a gig as the head of the police oversight board in Spokane! She lectured on the circuit of race baiting ‘victims’ who strive to keep the fires of racial hatred stoked.
This woman was dutifully excoriated for such an egregious offense right? Wrong. She has since made the meat and potatoes circuit and may end up with her own reality show. People slept through the boring intrusion of facts about this woman and even tried to defend her. It wasn’t that she lied over and over again, It is that she was ‘down with the struggle..’ and  after all… her intentions were good!
The Pope weighs in on Global Warming, mouthing progressive talking points and insisting that the science is done and it is now accepted scientific fact. Once again a small sticking point, It is just not the case that scientists are agreed, and besides, when did it become the business of the church to join forces with globalists who fully intend to use the global warming crisis to mandate compliance in such a fashion that the end result will be a communist style redistribution of wealth?
Once again it is the assignment for the propagandist to sell radical changes by incrementally benumbing the senses of an already jaded society. I have mentioned in a prior post that one should not be surprised that politicians are using every advantage, including relentless data mining and social engineering to stack the deck in favor of their agendae.
What is troubling to me is that the church is doing much the same thing, as pastor after pastor changes his or her stance on issues of morality; parroting progressive nostrums  such as “I have evolved…” or “I have pivoted…” or “After much prayer I came to realize” such and such…
Call me a conspiracy nut if you like, but that unsettling feeling between your toes is the shifting sand of a contrived set of narratives that will eventually ensnare your children. It doesn’t have to be this way.
Dr. J.