Perhaps you remember it. A massive influx of illegal aliens showed up on our  southern border. After a media blitz. replete with pictures of these terrified children fleeing oppression, President Obama responded by making the following statement about his illegal actions regarding the admission of illegals.

“Look” he said with that air of condescension we’ve come to expect. “What’s the big problem… The military is on board with this, law enforcement is  on board with this …and we’ve got the evangelicals…
When he used the term ‘on board,’ I thought of a quote from Dietrich Bonhoeffer (someone who knew a little bit about how a government can take over the churches) He wrote “If you board the wrong train,it is no use to run along the corridor in the opposite direction.”

I locked on to the last part of the President’s remark, “…we’ve got the Evangelicals.”  What did he mean by that? I did a little research and this is (partly) what he meant. For a number of years prior to this, the administration has been having meetings with a group called The Evangelical Immigration Table. It would behoove every pastor in America to find out about this group…its roots…its board members and its activities. One of the signators, Jim Daly of Focus on the Family actually said in a 2012 interview with the Seattle Times that the church needs to approach the administration for ways we can cooperate. In the same interview he parroted the progressive mantra that we need to quit talking about abortion and homosexuality and get into justice issues.
You will find that this group has been partially funded by George Soros. You do the work of vetting them, but here is why I am writing about it. That seemingly spontaneous crisis at the border had been orchestrated, and these groups were in place long before the children showed up at the border. These groups have received funding in the form of government grants to shuttle and settle these people all around the country. There has been very little coverage on where they went and how they got there and who was ready to receive them, but it was Christian groups that did it.
One problem…the whole thing start to finish violated the law. My wife is a Canadian. For the first twelve years of our ministry we pastored churches in Canada. I had to get legal status in order to do that. I went through a lengthy process complete with background checks and denominational endorsement. I was then granted official, legal status as a “Landed Immigrant.” Judy teased me saying that sounded like Robin Williams saying “Nannu Nannu.” They actually asked me where I was going to “land.”
Years later I got my revenge. When Judy had to go through the process of getting a green card to be legally in the U.S. (after months of paperwork  and reams of applications) she received her official status….Resident Alien! I just smiled and did the Mork hand salute and said “Nannu Nannu…”
Here is my point. When the president boasted that he “had the Evangelicals” he wasn’t joking…His administration has succeeded in co-opting the word Evangelical, and has put in its place something meant it to describe a group of self identified leaders will speak for every born again Christian…as a political action committee…not  unlike powerful union officials cutting deals that the rank and file would never approve.
Have you ever noticed that many times when the President speaks at The White House, he has in the background representatives of the constituencies he is (ostensibly) wanting to reach? For instance, many times they are law enforcement members in their uniforms . During the ramp up to Obamacare, He had numerous such staged photo ops with people in lab coats (representing doctors) When some showed up to at that  speech without out their lab coats … they were provided one by the White House staff! If the self appointed spokesmen for the evangelicals keep it up, maybe central casting at the White House will have a rush order for clerical collars of various sizes…

In my next post on this topic I will talk about some of the jargon, the buzz words….the talking points of the progressives who are courting and in some instances, who have seduced, the bloc known as “Evangelicals.” The President in another interview, used the familiar ad hominem attack tactic when he said words this effect to silence opponents. “I reject the saying ‘The poor you will always have with you…'”
That deafening silence you hear right now is the roar of all the so called evangelicals in the room who didn’t make a peep when the President of The United States of America openly rejected the Words of the Son of God in favor of a progressive scheme to get a permanent voting block of newly minted citizens. That politicians do such slimy things is almost to be expected. That Christian leaders go along to get along is pathetic.

Dr. J.