Imagine the cheesiest B movie you ever saw that dealt with vampires. Eventually there would be a scene like this. Lon Chaney Jr. would pull his cape over his face exposing only his evil eyes… as he was preparing to bite the neck of the innocent maiden. suddenly the hero appears and boldly holds a cross aloft. The Ghoul retreats in horror.

You’re driving on any road in America and you notice that periodically you pass a little makeshift memorial off the shoulder…some plastic flowers, perhaps a teddy bear or of photograph…and almost always …a cross.

A favorite tattoo sported by people who claim no religious affiliation or belief system… again… is a cross.

It is a powerful image and it brings out the strongest of emotions. Why do you suppose that is?

In our current cancel culture nightmare, statues and memorials and particularly anything to do with crosses is in the crosshairs of the ‘mostly peaceful’ demonstrations. Allow me to correct the record as opposed to furthering a media driven narrative.

Oregon is under siege. The mob of ‘mostly peaceful protestors’ is, in fact, infiltrated by rioters who are anything but peaceful. In Seattle, Portland and Eugene….all places where I have personal knowledge from first responders. The Police, Fire and EMS personnel are being assailed with pre-positioned chunks of concrete, bricks, pipes, rebar, bags of feces and urine. There have numerous attempts to torch buildings where the mob knew that there were people inside….fully intending to burn them alive. Some have been permanently blinded by lasers.

Businesses are destroyed, lives lost and all the while the local and state wide politicians are in some cases encouraging the lawlessness. As a pastor I am forbidden go see an elderly patient in a nursing home but thousands of rioters can spit in the faces of police with impunity. The shameless politicians claim that the mostly peaceful demonstrators have their right to protest but churches are singled out for draconian isolation measures….forbidden to sing praises to God! Think about that.

Well the mob in Eugene is coming for the cross
I had the privilege for over a decade to teach at the then Eugene Bible College. A former student contacted me last night and shared a link to a local news feed that reported that the mob of mostly peaceful protestors is coming after the 50 foot cross that used to be a landmark in Eugene.  In 1997 it was moved to the campus of what is now called New Hope Christian College.

The reason it was moved there had to with protests about diversity and separation of church and state and all manner of grievances. The college graciously stepped up and offered their campus to house the cultural landmark… to appease the protestors.
All night I thought a lot about crosses being removed. Remember President Obama insisting that the chapel at Georgetown remove the cross that would be visible as he spoke? (Bad optics)

Military chapels no longer have crosses. V.A. facilities have strict guidance about crosses and the lack thereof. I remember when General Schwartzkopf made the decision that his chaplains in Desert Storm were not to wear crosses.

Perhaps the one most heavy on my mind tonight was the Ground Zero Cross. I was at Ground Zero when they found the ‘cross’ and mounted it near the Pile. I can still remember the construction workers taking off their hard hats covering their hearts and bowing their heads… and many were—you guessed—making the sign…  OF THE CROSS. I can say with certainty that there would have been a violent reaction had the City of New York tried to take that cross out… as the police and fire community was digging for the remains of their comrades.

I for one have had enough. In April of 2003 I preached a message in the church I served for years a mere twenty miles from where the mob is roaming the streets tonight

I offer it for your consideration. I meant every word I said. I titled it It had to be the Cross

When you’ve listened to it, and I sincerely hope you listen. Remember the words of the old hymn

There’s room at the cross for you
There’s room at the cross for you
Though millions have come
There’s still room for one
There’s room at the cross for you

Pastor Jim