Today I learned that rioters in Seattle tried using quick drying cement to trap police in a precinct building they were attempting to incinerate. We’ve seen ample footage shot by ‘mostly’ peaceful protestors using their smart phones to film unarmed elderly shop owners trying to put out the fires set by ‘most peaceful’ mobs. Those taking the footage apparently thought  it was more important to film than to help the people getting kicked in the head on the ground.

Once beautiful tourist destinations like Seattle and Portland now conjure up images of Mogadishu.
Headline seen in a recent West Coast Paper read….Police Deem it Prudent not to Engage Looters.

A 17 year old convicted of arson is given community service. Woke prosecutors boast that they will not prosecute “Demonstrators” At least one person a National Presidential ticket has a record of financially contributing to bailing out those arrested for violence in their ‘mostly peaceful’ demonstrations.
In short, Lawlessness is unchecked.

What is not un ‘checked’ or should I say who is not un ‘checked’  are the celebrities and athletes who have have made their woke-ness known, boycotting for a day…tweeting their outrage… but making sure their checks keep coming.  Too bad the bloodied shop keeper… bleeding out on the street…. doesn’t have a shoe deal with China.

I offer for your consideration a message I preached in 2004. It was the weekend I was to fly to Chicago to teach a seminary class on of all topics….Crisis Ministry. As I listened to it again this week I was reminded what comfort I received from the Lord as I read what He has to say about Being Still

My prayer is that you too will find comfort
Bugler! Sound THE STILL!