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The wheels are coming off! Think of children in a homemade cart careening down a steep hill. To your horror, you notice the wheels begin to wobble. The steep down grade, the laws of physics and the shoddy construction of the vehicle are about to produce a predictable result.

A few days back I picked up a copy of The Oregonian newspaper. These were the headlines on the first two pages:

  • Transgender teacher sees victory as a wider win
  • ‘Wall’ builds only unity
  • Methodists postpone LGBT discussion
  • Trudeau apologizes for throwing elbow

In the same paper, there was a Washington Post story, ‘China disputes strange cannibal-related food export rumors.’
Now for the back stories behind those slug lines…

A fifth grade teacher in a suburb of Portland was paid a $60,000 settlement by the Gresham-Barlow School District after this individual complained of harassment. You will note that I didn’t say the teacher was a man. Leo came out as transgender last spring after surviving breast cancer. You see Leo Soell “identifies as neither male nor female, and goes by THEY (emphasis mine) instead of he or she.”

Regarding Wall builds only unity, this story had to do with another suburb of Portland in which hundreds of students from 6 high schools left school and took to the streets in protest. The crowd carried a jubilant vibe with chants that included “Yes we can!” What caused this spontaneous, curiously very logistically coordinated event? One student posted a banner which read ‘Build the Wall.’ One politician’s slogan (Obama’s mantra ‘Yes we can’) was described as a jubilant vibe, while the other admittedly political statement ‘Build the wall’ was characterized on the evening news as hate speech.

The Global United Methodist Church General Conference met “to vote on potential changes to church doctrine and rules…the church’s stances on gay clergy and gay weddings are the most contentious issues…” They kicked the can down the road and basically failed to make a decision. The headline in the commentary piece, however, spun it in such fashion as to communicate that it is inevitable that they will endorse the LGBT agenda.

The third piece really caught my eye. I pastored in Canada for twelve years. Newly elected Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau admitted to and apologized for disrupting a session of parliament by grabbing one MP and elbowing another female MP in the chest. Ostensibly this action was justified because a crucial vote to close debate on the liberals’ agenda was threatened.

The head of state literally threw an elbow to push through his agenda. The boorish bully behavior was the subject for all the talking heads, but almost as an after- thought the pundits were forced to identify what the issue was. Trudeau’s government was trying to literally push through physician-assisted euthanasia (NOTE: THE WORD EUTHANASIA…NOT DEATH With DIGNITY) Translation?…this open ended-language opens to door for a scenario where a government panel will decide who is euthanized, and the criteria that will inform those decisions.

After taking an antacid pill, It hit me what these stories have in common. They were crafted by professionals to create a narrative. The facts were bent folded and mutilated to produce an impression.

In my book Fatal Drift – Is the Church Losing its Anchor? I talk a lot about the phenomenon of Narrative creation and maintenance.  There is a concerted, scientifically-based (behavioral sciences) highly sophisticated machine that is dead set on creating entire generation that will be shaped and brainwashed into accepting a false narrative that will result in the following

  • The elimination of even a hint of the created order of God to do with gender
  • The loss of good order and discipline in the schools in favor of indoctrination to a globalist agenda
  • Politics reduced to street fighter tactics
  • And the elimination of any theology that would dare to affirm that God’s Word is the final authority in manners of  doctrine and practice in the church.

You may have noticed that I didn’t say anything more about the article about ‘cannibal related food export rumors.’ Does China, as the article posits, actually ‘take dead bodies, marinate them put them in cans and sell them in African supermarkets?’ Who is to say?

My question is, why did this tabloid-worthy drivel make the cut and appear in a major newspaper? I do know that the other major Newspaper in Oregon, The Register Guard ran an article a while back featuring recipes for women… to facilitate them… to eat their placentas! Is it a stretch to say that the progressives might promote the Chinese rumor and feature articles on the value of human flesh as nutrition in the third world? Kind of adds a ghoulish overtone to the phrase “Let’s have Chinese tonight.”

The narrative barrage in the Oregonian appears to have been unleashed to plant and reinforce the following thoughts

  • The teachers in PUBLIC a.k.a. TAX FUNDED schools have the right to self-identify as “they” to fifth graders
  • It is noble and good to shut down PUBLIC a.k.a. TAX FUNDED schools to promote illegal immigration
  • The new normal in politics is a scorched-earth a bare-knuckles PUTSCH style brawl
  • The value of human life and the notion of man being created in the image and likeness of God is to be jettisoned in favor of a more enlightened, progressive view…i.e.  the flesh of man as a source of nutrients.

Is it time for people who claim to be believers in Jesus and the Bible to push back? You (at least for now) have the right to press the school district and the editor of the paper to account for this stuff. Think about it…Oh, and by the way, the next time you are out at a Chinese Restaurant…think twice before saying “Lunch is on me…”


Dr. J

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