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On June 6, I posted an article I titled… “And we’ve got the Evangelicals…” Part I
In that post I explained that when the President used the phrase “we’ve got the Evangelicals” he was actually factually correct in that a group a self appointed cabal of of so called ‘Evangelicals’ who claim to speak of for all who have been heretofore classified as evangelicals, formed a group called The Evangelical Immigration Table.
These were the church and para-church leaders who just happened to be prepared to absorb all the illegal immigrant children who showed up at the border, and just happened to have sufficient infrastructure to  ship these kids to pre-positioned locations all around the U.S. and to see to it that they were integrated rapidly into communities. (The head of Sojourners, the head of The National Association of Evangelicals, The head of Focus on The Family to name a few)
Allow me to say two things as clearly as succinctly and as clearly a I can.
1. The term Evangelical comes from the Greek word for ‘Gospel.’ It used to mean one who accepts the notion the Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation and that the good news is that He paid the price in His own blood so that our sins might be forgiven.
2. The term Evangelical has been co-opted by progressive politicians  to refer to a voting bloc of disparate groups who have similar causes. For a very thorough treatment of how this all took place, please get a copy of Paul Smith’s important book, New Evangelicalism…New World Order. Paul is the brother of Chuck Smith, who founded Calvary Chapel.

My colleague, Dr. Larry Johnson, coined a phrase that I feel aptly describes what the term evangelical has come to mean. He said Evangelical ought to be  rendered Evan’jelly’cal…in that just like jello or jelly The Evangelicals that  President Obama referred to at the Georgetown summit have (in the words of one of my favorite historical figures- Lady Margaret Thatcher) have “gone all wobbly.”

For instance, listen to this quote by President Obama from the important Washington Post story by May 12, titled, 

Obama tackles poverty on a panel in front of Catholic and evangelical leaders

“I think it would be powerful for our faith based organizations to speak out on this in a more forceful fashion,” Obama said at a conference at Georgetown University that is gathering evangelicals and Catholics around the topic of poverty. This may sound self interested, Obama said, acknowledging differences with Catholics and evangelicals on issues like abortion and same-sex marriage. “I think there is more power to be had there, a more transformative voice that’s available around these issues.”
“The stereotype of folks on the Left who just want to pour more money into social progress and don’t care about culture or parenting or family structures … and then you’ve got cold-hearted free-market capitalist types who are reading Ayn Rand and think everyone is mooching, and the truth is more complicated,” Obama said.
‘Our job is to guard against cynicism and not buy the idea that the poor will always be with us,” Obama said, nodding to scriptural comments about the poor.'”

The President refers to the debate about same sex marriage and abortion without even hinting where he comes down on the issues and then has the audacity to say that our (he gives lip service to being a Christian) job is to NOT BUY IN to the idea that ‘the poor will always be with us’ In essence, he is contradicting Jesus (nodding to the scriptures)
Just recently The President spoke in Kenya and had the temerity to lecture the Kenyans on their intolerance regarding gender issues. He knew full well that this was an affront to Bible believing Christians. The president couldn’t hide his excitement regarding the upcoming visit of the Pope to the U.S.

Obama said he can’t wait to host Pope Francis this fall because he thinks the pope will spark a larger discussion on poverty.
“No one has shown this better than Pope Francis who has been transformative just through his sincerity and insistence that this is vital to who we are, this is following what Jesus Christ our savior taught us, and that emphasis is why he’s had such appeal including to young people all around the world.”

It is fascinating to me that the President, the Evangelicals and Catholics assembled at Georgetown and now the current Pope…. are conducting a full court press about climate change and poverty… yet nary a word a has been spoken about the recent Planned Parenthood videos showing the grisly, barbaric… and yes I’ll say it,,,,satanic trafficking of baby body parts. Equally deafening is the silence about the Christians being martyred all around the world by radical Muslims. Make no mistake they are intentionally steering attention away from gay marriage and abortion, and redefining the gospel to something more akin to ‘feel-goodism’ about our compassion for the poor and good works like ‘earth-keeping’ and ‘Justice works’
Remember that this is a president and now a Pope who are activists, energized by the notion of Fundamental Transformation.”
If you call yourself an Evangelical, I leave you with this question, Are you one who believes that the Scriptures are the very words of God, or are you an Evanjellycal…going all wobbly when it matters most? The verse that the President told the group at Georgetown to NOT BUY INTO reads. “The poor you will have with you always. But you will not always have Me.”  This came from Jesus.
Dr. J.