A Ground Zero Chaplain Remembers

On September 11th, 2001, Jim Jenkins woke up to the nightmare that was 9/11. A few days later, he was headed for Ground Zero in his official capacity as a US Navy Chaplain. Deeply affected by what he experienced there, Jim has decided to share his story with the world.

Jim’s primary message to America is that we must never forget. But Jim also wants his fellow Americans to know that God can bring redemption out of the rubble.

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About the Author:

Jim Jenkins was a Navy Reserve Chaplain for 21 years, and a pastor for 40 years. He holds a Doctorate in Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary, and taught Bible College and Seminary courses at The King’s Seminary for more than 10 years. As part of the Chaplain’s Emergency Response Team, Jim and the other team members received the Distinguished Service Award for their service at Ground Zero.

Praise for “From Rubble to Redemption”:

Since the terror attacks of September 11th, 2001, many books have been written by eyewitnesses, broadcasters, and victims’ families, detailing several perspectives on that horrible day. But Jim Jenkins invites us to look at those events, and many others, with a new perspective. As a military chaplain at Ground Zero, Jenkins writes with keen insight, sharing personal stories and a spiritual perspective that invites us to see the tragedy in the context of history, our nation, and God’s plan for the world. Each chapter is fascinating as we come face to face with many of the first responders, shovel operators, Red Cross workers, rescue dogs, and even the Mayor of New York at the time, Rudy Giuliani. You’ll become immediately engrossed with the human stories but even more, you’ll feel the hope of God as Jenkins allows Him to leas us through this dark tunnel of history into the light of His glory. Some of the stories are difficult to read, but each one leaves readers with the hope and encouragement that God is still on the throne and that He has a beautiful plan for each of our lives.

Sandy Silverthorne, Pastor and Award-Winning Author 

For those who responded to Ground Zero, Jim Jenkins’ words do a very delicate job of bringing back the sights, the sounds, the smells – and yes, the darkness – of the experience. This book gives the reader an inside view into the experience of serving at the hallowed ground of 9/11. Jim does this while weaving in the reassurance that none of us were alone. God, the Holy Spirit, was and always is with us.

Jim vows to never let people forget what happened on September 11th, 2001, and From Rubble to Redemption will help keep that vow. Thank you, Jim, for sharing not only your experiences, but your personal vulnerabilities that have resulted from your service.

Anne Humphreys (Bybee) Williams, Ground Zero Logistics Expert, NDMS Mission Support Team, and photographer of “The Cross at Ground Zero”  

Dr. Jim Jenkins has given us an in-depth, up-close-and-personal account of the 9/11 recovery effort at Ground Zero. From Rubble to Redemption is very informative and thought-provoking, shocking us with tragic incidents of grief, yet healing us with hope-giving biblical perspectives. This reminder of America’s worst national tragedy to date is a healthy tonic. And it’s very timely: If Americans – Especially Christians – do not awaken to righteousness, another wake-up call, far worse, is coming.

Greg Hinnant, Professor, Christian Life School of Theology Global