In a Salt Lake City cemetery, a tombstone with a sculpture of a boy rising from the wheelchair reaching for the sky keeps alive the memory of a boy who died at the age of just ten.

Matthew is Free grave marker
Matthew’s Tombstone

Matthew Stanford Robinson was born to Ernest and Anneke in 1988. Due to lack of oxygen, he was born blind and paralyzed from the neck down. He was unable to speak more than a few words. Doctors warned that he would only live a few hours, but Matthew defied this grim prognosis by making it to ten-and-a-half years old

In a beautiful response to such a sad situation, Matthew’s father decided to erect a statue at his son’s grave, depicting the freedom and happiness that he wanted for his son in life. The statue went up in 2000, two years after Matthew’s death.

On this Easter weekend 2022, after over 2 years of pestilence and death, it is my privilege to proclaim in Jesus the resurrection from the dead. Not only has Christ been risen, but we who have taken God at His Word and trusted in His finished work on the cross will be physically and literally resurrected too!

I invite you to listen to this message I preached in 2004 ( Acts 17 NIV ). You decide. Is it a myth, or is it true?

How you answer that question will ultimately determine your eternal destination.

Christ the Lord is Risen
He is Risen Indeed

Pastor Jim