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The Bible is a nice compilation of stories, right? I have been fascinated by the means used by progressives, both political and religious, to change the corporate mindset of the nation by twisting and tweaking language. When Richard Nixon was in the center of the firestorm known as Watergate, he gave a subordinate some very telling advice. He said “When your back is against the wall…redefine your terms.”

Here is how it works. Do you remember the language of the current debate over the so-called climate crisis? The words Global Warming showed up in every other news broadcast.  We were told by ‘experts’ that we had a mere decade or two before cataclysmic events would unfold and the planet would be lost. When that failed to happen, there was a change to the narrative accompanied by a redefinition of terms.  Now we continually hear the phrase Man Caused Climate Change. No need to account for the fact that the experts were wrong…. we merely shifted to another concept… global change.

One narrative didn’t work out so well, so the wordsmiths and media image-crafters went to work. They focus-grouped and tested a new narrative with a more ambiguous phrase that was still designed to produce panic. There was, of course, an ulterior motive behind all of this…money…lots of money.

Al Gore and Bill Clinton and a Canadian, Maurice Strong, as well as other global leaders stand to become fabulously wealthy…Gore already has…by (In league with The United Nations) taxing nations for their “Carbon footprint.” Money is made by selling and buying “Carbon Offsets.”

The following is from my book, Fatal Drift – Is The Church Losing its Anchor?

It was in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. I was involved with starting a church in a beautiful mountain community not far from the headwaters of the mighty Columbia River.

Being a new church (we met in a rented movie theater), I opted to rent an office in the same building as the local newspaper, to get my finger on the pulse of the community.  One day, I had the radio on and heard an announcement that at noon there was to be a ceremony held at the veterans’ memorial.  They were going to plant a ‘Peace Pole’, whatever that was, and it was all connected somehow to the United Nations.  I was intrigued and walked the few blocks to the memorial.

A large group of people were holding hands in a wide circle, swaying and chanting something.  I inched closer and heard, 

“We’d rather be dancing than marching.  We’d rather hold hands than a gun. We are the New Age begun and we’re learning the dance one by one.”1
What I saw and heard that day got my attention.  The ideology articulated at that ceremony has, over the decades that followed, developed into an agenda and rapidly influenced not only the culture, but has infiltrated the church as well.  The marriage of progressive politics and progressive religion was being fleshed out right before my eyes.

 In 1984 Francis Schaeffer predicted that if the slide away from orthodoxy that he chronicled in The Great Evangelical Disaster continued, it was inevitable that there would come a time when a system would be introduced which would offer a solution to the world’s woes. It would involve accommodation to the prevailing world spirit, which would entail some measure of collusion between disparate groups and deception, and in the end, result in an outright abandonment of Christianity as we know it. What I saw that day, in a town not far from the watershed of the Columbia River was much more than it initially seemed

 Fast forward to 2012, I look back to that day in Canada and I now realize that I was witnessing something that had implications far beyond a quirky New Age demonstration.  Things proposed that day that would, as they were slowly methodically implemented, have profound effect on the culture for decades to come. 

What appeared to be nebulous speculative philosophical musings now have become much more precise and in some instances even been enacted into law.  New Age spirituality has now gained a hearing at heretofore conservative seminaries.  The Green movement, using the United Nations’ checkbook, is aggressively pushing a sustainability policy which is becoming increasingly anti-Christian in North America and around the world.

Here is what I saw that day.  The people swaying in the circle were activists from various agencies who had a core set of beliefs in common.  They were folks who had embraced the notion that the only solution to the world’s problems was a one world governance system with a one world spirituality informing its decisions.

In my next post we will look at what has transpired since I stumbled upon this ceremony in Canada. For now, consider this. Narrative creation is a major staple in politics and now, sadly, theological training. As I write this, Christian publishers, progressive Christian bloggers and authors are experimenting with ways to redefine the Bible to suit a pre-ordained narrative which is in turn designed to provide theological justification to implement policies that are tied to changes that would shock everyone if we were privy to what is in store.

Let the reader decide… Is this all so much conspiracy theory and speculation, or is there something to it? All I will say for now is that the things the people in the sacred circle photo above announced back in the early nineties have come to pass. If the trajectory is what I believe it to be, then even more radical changes are right around the corner.

Dr. J.

* By Françoise Foliot – Private collection Wikimédia France, Paris, CC BY-SA 4.0,