Contend for the Faith

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Just one small step…

Reading Time: 5 minutes
It was 50 years ago. I had just made the rounds of the graduation parties and was about to step off into the world. I had been appointed to the U.S Merchant Marine Academy, and had orders to report to Kings Point, Long Island for my Plebe summer. The week I was to report the unthinkable happened. My father died.
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Did Hell Disappear?

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The nun turned her back on the class ( we were still not safe from scrutiny…we all knew she also had eyes in the back of her head…) Jimmy Cummings could make these strange voices and sounds and get us giggling…and then when the good sister turned around to find the culprit…Jimmy could instantly take on the countenance of a cherub and someone else would be blamed. His unique ability served him well. He is now Voice Actor Jim Cummings…the voice of Winnie the Pooh!
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In Taxing Times

Reading Time: 4 minutes
With all the talk of tax cuts and the ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas…’ and ‘I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas’ barrage, I had a moment of insight today. The airwaves are rife with talk of student loan debt confiscatory taxes, political intrigue, back door deals…and the beat goes on… and, in the midst of it all… Christmas. Think with me for a moment about the first Christmas. Joseph, an ordinary man, by most accounts no one special, has been dealing with the fact that there is a rumor of scandal surrounding his young bride.
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My Reformation Story

Reading Time: 7 minutes
Salvation by faith in the finished work of Jesus on the cross alone was subverted to faith in the intermediaries’ dogma and traditions of men. This is a deeply personal issue for me. I was raised Catholic, and did my best to adhere to the teachings and the authority of the church. In the midst of a tumultuous time in my life…my second year of University. I experienced something that changed me forever. Some background and context is in order…
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How We Get to Be Key People

Reading Time: 3 minutes
I remembered the account of Saul of Tarsus getting knocked to the ground and blinded before God could use Him. He was given instructions to go to a man named Ananias. This man was all too aware of Saul’s reputation as a brutal persecutor of Christians. The Lord spoke to Ananias and said, “I will show him how much he (Saul) will suffer for my Name’s sake.” Throughout this whole encounter at the hardware store I kept thinking that…
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