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I am not a Christian because I was raised to be one

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How Then Shall We Live? | Part 4
In this series of posts, I have been asking this question posed by Francis Schaeffer over 30 years ago, “How then shall we live?” We are looking at the only two letters from Peter the Apostle

He began by identifying himself as an apostle. The Greek word translated apostle means a ‘Sent One.’
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In The Mood

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When I saw him get out of his car at the Walmart, my eyes immediately went to his cap. He had that clear-eyed forthright look that was emblematic of his generation, the one Tom Brokaw dubbed The Greatest Generation. As I walked over to him, he looked a little wary. I said “Excuse me sir…I saw your WWII Veteran cap and I just wanted to thank you for you service.”

With a grip of steel he shook my hand. He looked like he had been caught off guard, and got a little misty eyed and said…”142.”
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Inheritance of the Saints

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How Then Shall We Live? | Part 3
As we continue in this series ‘How Then Shall We Live?’ Remember that the Apostle Peter is writing from Rome to a group of people in Asia Minor that will soon feel the force of the Roman Empire brought down on their heads. The persecution under Nero was horrific. In his greeting to those he has already described as ‘Scattered Strangers’, he reminds them from the outset that theirs is a living hope based on the resurrection of Jesus and that they are destined for an inheritance that is literally not of this world.
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“Beam me up Scotty!”

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How Then Shall We Live? | Part 2
Have you reached that place yet where you feel totally at a disconnect with what is developing around us? “To God’s elect… strangers in the world… scattered…” I Peter 1: 1-2 This is how the Apostle Peter addressed the first of two letters that he sent to the region of Asia Minor. It is probable that Peter wrote from Rome where he witnessed first-hand the horrific persecution unleashed on Christians by Emperor Nero.
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How then shall we live?

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How Then Shall We Live? | Part 1
How then shall we live? These words from the late Francis Schaeffer hold particular meaning for me as we face these rapidly deteriorating circumstances—as all that we once held to be true and inviolate is being cast aside like a candy wrapper. Are you feeling it…the knot in your stomach… the anxious thoughts about the future?
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Taking too many Chances

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It literally was like a scene from a movie Before they opened the doors for people the stream in at the funeral home, two military members stood in front of a flag draped coffin. One was the Marine Corps Inspector/Instructor who ran the closest reserve center. I was the other one, a chaplain.
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